ArtworxTO Hubs Near You

STEPS is supporting ArtworxTO Community Hubs as an Outreach and Engagement Partner!

ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022 celebrates artists, community members, and dynamic new public artworks and programs happening across the city. STEPS is thrilled to support in spreading the word on the various art hubs and free events happening in every corner of the city to continue empowering artists and creatives, and enhance the community’s accessibility to public art in public spaces.

Learn more about ArtworxTO (@culture_to and #ArtworxTO) and check out programs and exhibits happening near you!

Image Credit: Anushay Sheikh

ArtworxTO Hubs

Led by the next generation of curators, collectives and artists, ArtworxTO Hubs feature year-long exhibits with new projects and events happening throughout the year. With hubs stationed across the city, find the closest one near you to engage with one-of-a-kind installations!

ArtworxTO Hub WEST

Cloverdale Common

An indoor gallery at Cloverdale Mall in Toronto

Location: 250 The East Mall, Toronto ON
Curated by: Claudia Arana
Image Credit: Anushay Sheikh
Learn more about ArtworxTO Hub WEST

ArtworxTO Hub NORTH

Downsview Park

A portion of a 360 foot long mural production featuring ten different wall sections of colourful artwork by different artists. A section is fenced off with an active production and a lift. Two people are walking by with a stroller.

Location: 70 Canuck Ave, North York ON
Curated by: Danilo Deluxo McCallum
Image Credit: Anushay Sheikh
Learn more about ArtworxTO Hub NORTH

ArtworxTO Hub EAST

Scarborough Town Centre

A public art exhibit inside Scarborough Town Centre

Location: 300 Borough Dr, Scarborough ON
Curated by: The Spoken Soul Collective
Image Credit: Garcia Creative and ArtworxTO
Learn more about ArtworxTO Hub EAST

ArtworxTO Hub SOUTH

Union Station

An outdoor mural series on a large wall featuring murals by different artists at Downsview Park curated by Danilo Deluxo McCallum

Location: 65 Front St W, Toronto ON
Curated by: Maya Wilson-Sanchez
Image Credit: Cannupa Hanska Luger and ArtworxTO
Learn more about ArtworxTO Hub SOUTH

ArtworxTO Pop Up Hubs

Learn more about ArtworxTO Pop Up Hubs featuring temporary exhibitions, projects and events inspired by people and placemaking!

A Black chef reaching over a table to put food on a plate. There is a colourful mural in the background and a banner that says "Inspiring change through art"

Image Credit: Anushay Sheikh

ArtworxTO Blog

  • Threads Converging into Wholeness by Kalina Nedelcheva
    A feature on STEPS project SKEIN by PA System (Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson) and local community members

STEPS is a proud supporter of ArtworxTO Community Hubs as an Outreach and Engagement Partner

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