Dream Garden


This mystical PATCH (Public Art on Construction Hoarding) Exhibit by artist Kate Austin in partnership with TAS and STEPS Public Art, brings an air of wonder and magic to the Keele Street neighbourhood.

Project at a Glance

Location: 3100 Keele St, North York, ON M3M 2H4

Artist: Kate Austin

Year: 2021

Project Photographer: Sharon Mendonca

Services: PATCH Hoarding Exhibit

About The Hoarding Exhibit

In the midst of the busy downtown core is Kate Austin’s dream-like PATCH Construction Hoarding Exhibit that draws its inspiration from nature featuring magical foliage and delightful hidden creatures. The aim of the exhibit is to ask the question “Do you see what we see?”, hoping to make the local community pause and reflect in the fantasy landscape and grow together.

























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About the Artist

Kate Austin

Kate Austin

Lead Artist

Kate Austin is a fibre artist and surface pattern designer. Kate’s practice focuses on textiles at the intersection of visual art, design and material culture. Kate has a passion for Public and Community-Engaged Art, and is committed to making work that is socially and ecologically responsible.

Kate was born in England, but has mostly lived in Toronto. She studied painting, photography and textiles in Halifax, NS and London, England. When she moved back to Toronto, Kate co-founded a textile studio, ruckus, which made original and colourful screen-printed fabric works for 8 years.


About the Development

TAS has enjoyed a long-term relationship with renowned Teeple Architects, creators of many of downtown Toronto’s most impressive buildings. Teeple’s design for The Keeley fits into the Downsview neighbourhood beautifully. The multi-layered, brick-clad structure with punched windows brings texture and visual appeal while maintaining a sense of home on Keele Street. Brick affords a sense of permanence; it endures, it protects, it’s highly energy efficient, and it stands for quality.

Project Partner

TAS is an unconventional impact company that uses real estate as a tool to drive profit and purpose.They are tackling climate change, broadening affordability and equity, and building social capital to create neighbourhoods– and ultimately cities – where people thrive and belong.nThey champion conversation and collaboration to push the boundaries of innovation and explore what is possible.

PATCH Hoarding Exhibits are the industry gold standard for connecting developers, builders and marketing firms with artists to help you meet public art requirements for your construction site. STEPS’ superior project management skills make this turnkey process easy for you by curating a shortlist of artists, facilitating city approval of exhibit plans, producing the exhibit, as well as, amplifying your city-building story through documenting and promoting the exhibit.

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