Our World Is In Motion


This dynamic, vibrant mural by Toronto-based artist Samara Shuter is a part of the BMO National Mural Series and can be found gracing the ATM vestibule at the BMO Front & Berkeley Branch, Toronto. Inspired by themes of community and diversity, this artwork also represents the cultural urban location of the branch.

Project at a Glance

Location: 236 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E8

Artist: Samara Shuter

Year: 2022

Project Partner: Commissioned by BMO Financial Group as a part of the BMO National Mural Series

Project Photographer/Videographer: Mila Bright Zlatanovic

Services: Public Art Management






Sq. ft

About This Project

Our World is in Motion encourages the local community visiting the BMO Front & Berkeley Branch to pause for self-reflection and encourage questions on identity and belonging. The aim of the artwork is to inspire people to move forward, despite all the fast-paced challenges they may encounter through the journey of life.



















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About the Artist

Samara Shuter

Samara Shuter

Lead Artist

Sam Shuter is a Contemporary Canadian Fine-Artist recognized for her strikingly bold paintings of men’s suits. Untrained, she began her career in Toronto’s Film Industry and found her way into art as a career full-time since 2012. Shuter has staged multiple solo exhibitions of her work, participated in numerous group exhibitions and donated pieces to major public institutions and charities. 

Her past experiences truly inform her work: bold colors and graphic patterns which she is deeply drawn to, are largely inspired by her family’s roots in the textile industry. Much of her artwork is motivated by my explorations of fashion, symmetry and composition, with an ongoing analysis of ego, ambition, character, connection and a constant desire for self-expression.


STEPS Public Art Management Service is recognized for being iconic, cost-effective and transformational. From murals to sculptures and projection mapping, STEPS produces one-of-a-kind public art installations with partners that meet your needs.

The BMO National Mural Series falls under the public art management service. Visit the project page to see artworks by many talented and diverse artists at different branches across Canada!

Project Partner

These works of art were made possible by BMO in collaboration with STEPS Public Art. BMO’s National Mural Series was designed to create opportunities to celebrate local communities and the people who live and visit them. By working with hyper local artists to design murals with meaning and impact specific to each location, BMO hopes to bring art to locations where artists and community members might not otherwise have an opportunity.

At BMO, we are proud to be partners in these communities, celebrate our customers, and support local artists. These beautiful pieces of art not only express BMO’s values and celebrate diversity they also provide opportunities to surprise and delight those visiting our branches. We look forward to expanding this program and curating many more murals in branches across Canada.

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