Artist Capacity Building 

We aspire to shift how cities are planned. We believe that artists have a critical role to play in shaping cities, and many of our projects are designed to build artist capacity.

“We need to get innovative with how we connect with one another during the pandemic. Our STEPS supported project allowed us to use art to connect with our community and others across the country.” 

Suzi Oram, Nova Scotia Mixed Media Artist

STEPS believes that public art should reflect the diverse identities and perspectives of the communities that host it. We are particularly interested in amplifying the work of artists who identify as Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colour, female, LGBTTQQIAAP and newcomer working in public spaces.

“My favorite part of the experience was seeing people’s reactions. We got to see people smiling and engaging during an otherwise hard time. It was really nice to feel connected to people in our neighbourhood.”

– Jordan Strong, Nova Scotia Mixed Media Artist

Our current artist supports include:

  • coaching on public art proposals and projects
  • paid production and exhibition opportunities
  • public art residencies
  • artistic mentorships
  • skill-building workshops
  • networking events

“Working with STEPS has helped me create new strategies to continue my practice during pandemic restrictions.” 

Whyishnave Suthagar, Toronto Installation Artist

“It’s so important right now to get your name out there as an artist to attract as many opportunities as possible. The artist opportunities that STEPS generates have really helped ease the financial burden of the pandemic.”

– Heidi Berton, Toronto Artist

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Past program partners include:

Supporting Artistic Growth

Caerina Abrenica

Caerina is a Toronto-based illustrative designer whose work combines her passion for breaking and visuals with dynamic characters and dance moves. Since first being engaged through STEPS paid mentorship opportunities, Caerina has been hired by STEPS through her design company, Melting Pot Collective (MPC) for projects that have included the From Weeds We Grow (FWWG) web application and activity book.

“STEPS gave me the opportunity to work in a professional environment in my role as a public art assistant. They further supported my career by collaborating with MPC to design materials for their project “From Weeds We Grow”. STEPS is always looking for ways to support local artists in the community.”

– Caerina Abrenica,
Illustrator & Designer at Melting Pot Collective Inc.

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