Web App Launched! – From Weeds We Grow in Rowntree Mills Park

From Weeds We Grow is a multidisciplinary project exploring the intersections of nature, art and wellness. It strives to unearth Rexdale and Humber Summit’s relationship to the environment and accessible public space through virtual walking tours, workshops, storytelling and performances rooted in Rowntree Mills Park.

We are excited to announce that with Toasterlab’s expertise in creating place-based, extended reality experiences, From Weeds We Grow has a web app!

To use the web app, you can:

  • Visit the pins on the Rowntree Mills Park map to engage in From Weeds We Grow activities
  • Tap or click on each pin to explore 360° panorama video/image animating stories by community members, experience video performances and teachings about the park, and view an interactive, co-created artwork

If you’re on your smartphone:

  • You will need the YouTube app to view these videos and they’ll move with you as you look around

If you’re on a computer:

  • You can click and drag to change your point-of-view

Turn on the sound of your device to listen to stories and teachings rooted in the park. Closed captioning is available to turn on/off!

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