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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mediums: Illustration, Installation, Mural, Painting,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Analog, Commission: Digital, Existing Artwork,

Style: Abstract, Illustrative, Realism,


Gabrielle Lasporte is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. Art Director, Creative Director, Illustrator, Visual Artist, Creator — her experience extends over two decades in the art and design industry, including ten years as a Modern Batik artist.

Gabrielle has shown extensively in the Greater Toronto Area. Most notably, The Artist Project, Toronto Outdoor Exhibition as well as participating in a group show in Los Angeles, California. In 2013, Gabrielle was invited to participate in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche as a sponsored artist showing her textile-based installation at the H+M window in the heart of downtown Toronto. In October 2019, she was invited to present an interactive art installation for the Pre-Nuit Blanche Opening Party.

Using her art and design – Gabrielle’s depth of knowledge positions her as a creative force and unique voice within an ever-evolving industry.

A passionate creator, one of the ways that Gabrielle Lasporte expresses herself is through Modern Batik (created by applying wax and dyes on fabric).

Through this art form, Gabrielle explores the human experience through both abstract and representational expression by delving into the beauty in the forces of nature that mirrors our lives. She strongly believes in the natural flow; an influential part of her visual and creative identity. Good or bad, life always flows to its ultimate destiny. Her current series reflects on life, emotions, self-acceptance and the appreciation that we are an integral part of the greater eternal flow in a universe that guides us.

Always an artist first, Gabrielle has brought this idea of organic flow to her design practice through her hand-drawn concepts, sketches and ultimately putting out clean lines and effective design which she is known for.


A sculptural work installed outside the Resurgo Place in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, consists of multiple wave-like shapes, one of which is turquoise, blue, and light blue.

Section form a bike path painted with a dark and light pink pattern, including wavy lines of turquoise and blue.

Interior wall painted to resemble a family tree with blue background.

Pony wall painted with bring abstract floral elements.