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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mediums: Painting,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Analog,

Style: Illustrative,


Canadian artist Marie-Judith Jean-Louis is a uniquely seasoned and self-taught artist based in Toronto. Her interior design experience gives her a unique skill to make projects stand out. She describes her art as mindful visual meditation, where she gets to study the interactions and the exchanges between the mind and art. Influenced by surreal painters such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte, as well as philosophers such as Dr. David R. Hawkins, she takes a minimalist and simple approach to represent various ideas in her paintings, inviting the viewers to fill in the blanks by looking for a meaning of their own, based on their personal experience and mood.

Jean-Louis creates to better understand the world around her. She studies people, ideas and places through her sketches, drawings and paintings, looking for connections. Jean-Louis has an obsession with finding meaning behind her subjects. Creating art connects her to people and places. She wishes to convey a sense of human connection, curiosity, wonder, awe, and happiness through her ethereal style of painting. The main message she aims to convey with her art is that our world is more wonderful and magical when we take time to really look at it and ponder. Her goal is to help others see and feel that connection.