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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mediums: Painting, Photography,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Analog, Community Engaged,

Style: Realism,


Vero Diaz is a professional artist and a medicine womxn born in Mexico from multiple bloodstreams, including Indigenous nations from Turtle Island (Anahuac and Abya Yala) as well as from North Africa, France, and Spain. Diaz works within visual arts as a Codice (Codex), a living text and mnemonic device for the Indigenous Futurisms movement. Diaz is also a published writer and spiritual interdisciplinary artist who works in the realm of magic realism. She is the founder and director of Phoenix Rising Studio where she is developing a visionary art process for personal empowerment and healing from trauma and ancestral wounds through mystical storytelling and photography.

Diaz’s art pieces act as living images suspended in time for anyone to witness and activate. Her desire is to offer moments of stillness that are both timeless and time-full. Diaz makes visual art to create possibilities of well-being and thriving futures for Toronto’s diverse communities. The art showcases a hopeful future — inspired by the millenary knowledge of Diaz’s ancestors and their interdependent relationship with all living beings. Diaz believes it is her calling to respond to the climate crisis and intergenerational trauma by creating bridges to other possibilities with mystical visuals that connect the viewer back to creation stories, Indigenous knowledge, and mythologies. What transpires are abstract messages filled with images of freedom, and mystical beings that remind us of the role of Spirit and ancestors. Diaz’s role is to spark curiosity and hope with creative portals, as she believes solutions stem from healing and love.