INsiders Artist Project

STEPS invites community members to create temporary public artworks to animate the public-facing parts of their homes during a time of physical distancing.


Location: Across Canada

Artist(s): Tara Arnst, Anna Camilleri, Taylor Boileau Davidson, Michel Dumont, Suzi Oram, Jordan Strong, Whyishnave Suthagar, Hilary & Olivia Wheeler, Anna Wiesen

Year: 2020

Services: Creative Placemaking


submissions from across the country


artists supported from 3 provinces


selected multidisciplinary projects

PROJECT Details 

In the beginning of April, we facilitated a national call for artists to create temporary public artworks in public-facing parts of their homes, gardens, balconies or courtyards. STEPS believes that while we may be physically distanced, our desire to create, share and learn will always connect us together.

Artists were asked to consider the idea of public space and their sudden lack of access to it, exploring their public-facing private spaces and how the surrounding community could engage from a distance with their creative projects. We received an overwhelming response of 120 submissions in only two weeks.

“INsiders was our response to the current public health crisis, with the goal of supporting artists, connecting communities and exploring public space during this uncertain time. The arts community was and remains to be one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, with many artists, arts workers and producers suddenly out of work. Through INsiders, STEPS seeks to amplify the creative work taking place in public space across our country. We will continue to support artists to reimagine their communities over the pandemic recovery period.”
– Bebhinn Jennings, STEPS Program Director

“As the realities of the pandemic press on, we have seen a need for innovation in terms of how we connect with one another. This opportunity allowed us to use art as a mechanism for connection within our own community, as well as across the country.”
– Suzi Oram, participating INsiders Artist

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