Celeste Wheaton

or 416-366-6565 ex 1


Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Mediums: Mural, Painting,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Mural, Community Engaged,

Style: Abstract,


Connie Wheaton is an artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick and the owner of House of Art Studio on 334 York Street. Connie is known for her work with bold, bright colours with florals, trees, and birds. Her love of abstract art is visible in her work. She also works extensively with watercolours and has spent a lot of her time sketching and painting local buildings and attractions, which she sells in local stores. She loves to experiment with new techniques and mediums and is known for her versatility in the art community.

Connie has many years working with children and helping foster art in the community. Her latest project working with the city of Fredericton and the Bridge Coalition called Art on the Bridge, was a huge success. Connie oversaw the project and had over 40 artists live painting and displaying art on the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge and Picaroons. Connie also worked with over 100 children creating a large painting of the Lighthouse, which was donated to the Fredericton Public Library. You can currently see some of her work downtown, recently displayed on King Street and now in the Tannery, both selected by Downtown Fredericton. She has worked side by side with the city of Fredericton, creating art, commissions, and cards for the city. Connie is continually growing and loves taking on new challenges, while working closely with her community.