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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mediums: Mural, Painting,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Mural,

Style: Illustrative,


Ray Vidal is a multidisciplinary artist, muralist, musician and educator based in Toronto, Canada. He is passionate about bringing people together through art integration, space activation, public art engagement, murals, mentorships, workshops, concerts, community events and programming to educate and inspire. After graduating from OCAD University he has been creating vibrant murals, installations and digital artworks around the city. He has completed projects with the City of Mississauga, Mississauga Arts Council, Visual Arts
Mississauga, City of Toronto, StreetART, Lakeshore Arts, Bell Box Mural Projects, Mural Routes, STEPS Initiative and various BIA’s within the GTA as well as collaborating with Flap Canada, Peel Children's Aid Society, Bank of Montreal, LCBO, Zoom and Google Meet.

His art practice is about creating immersive art experiences that have the capability of transporting viewers into another world. Opening art experiences that completely transform digital or physical environments and invites the public to open themselves up to fresh perspectives that leave lasting impressions, while abstracting graffiti and mixing other styles of art together. Fusing street art, sign painting, calligraphy, comics, anime, illustration and contemporary art, Ray's works extract from these inspirations to further expand on and bring together various art forms from all around the world in a bold, vibrant graphic style. Creating moments of reflection where the community can relate to the message conveyed by the artist and see themselves in the artwork itself.