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Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mediums: Illustration,

Available For Project Types:
Commission: Digital,

Style: Illustrative,


Sophie Paas-Lang is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, and comic artist from Toronto. Her work is colourful, bright, and infused with a sense of fun and playfulness. Paas-Lang has years of experience providing design and illustration work for commercial and editorial projects, and her original comics have delighted both children and adult audiences. A passionate cyclist, she can always be found biking around the city.

Paas-Lang enjoys capturing still moments, infused with emotion and suspended in time, in all of her drawings. Using distinctive colours, simple shapes, and strong negative space, she creates images that are striking and impactful in their simplicity. Pass-Lang is inspired by the city and the people in it, and loves to depict the interactions between them. Another one of her inspirations is literature, and one of her specialties is book design, using a combination of visuals and typography to convey ample meaning in a single image. Her artwork is primarily made in digital media, with a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, but Pass-Lang continues searching for textures, colour combinations and inspiration from the surrounding world, and she is always jotting down ideas and doodles in her sketchbook. She loves to challenge herself, never limiting herself to a single way of working, always searching for the best possible way to tell the story that needs to be told through her art.