CreateSpace Public Art Forum 2022

An artistic response to the 2022 CreateSpace Public Art Forum, a national forum virtually convening participants who identify as Black, Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit and Métis), racialized, rural and/or youth with disabilities and between the ages of 18-25. Participants were presented with online talks themed around public art practices, studio tours by artist facilitators, a Keynote Event by artist Lori Blondeau, and opportunities to engage with fellow peers to inspire their final creations.

Project at a Glance

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Artist: Christine Kos

Year: 2022

Program: Artist Capacity Building


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home/body is a mixed media digital collage and illustration piece that reflects on feelings of comfort and a sense of home when faced with a global pandemic. With many people spending more time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, one is forced to spend more time with oneself and have more opportunities to reflect and reevaluate parts about themselves. People often use the phrase “your body is a temple”, but how does one treat it with care and compassion when one’s own body does not feel comfortable or is a source of pain, discomfort or displeasure? 

In my personal experience, my body has never felt like home. Due to my chronic pain and disability, it has always been a source of stress and pain. It does not feel like my own body, and I am constantly feeling uncomfortable both physically and mentally; I feel trapped and limited. Being at home due to the pandemic has forced me to really confront all these thoughts I have had for so long. In addition to reflecting on my own life I have also had a chance to reflect on accessibility in our world and how that affects people of varying abilities. This has helped me gain so much more awareness and realize the need for much more accessible spaces in our world.

About the Artist

Christine Kos

Christine Kos

Christine Kos is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Canada. In June 2021, she graduated from OCAD University in Toronto majoring in printmaking and publications. During her time there, she learned a variety of skills and practices such as linocut printing, silk screen printing, graphic design, illustration, typography, book design, book making and more. In addition to completing her studies Christine is an experienced (4+ years) illustrator and graphic designer that has worked with over 50 musical artists and small businesses to create album artwork, album layout, merchandise design, and logos. She loves to create artwork full of emotion, often using a mix of text and bright colours as well as experimenting with various imagery from illustration to collage.

@christine.kos182 | www.christinekos.com

CreateSpace Public Art Forum

STEPS Public Art believes public art has the ability to challenge the systemic inequities that exist in public space. In support of this important work, we facilitate artist capacity building programs that foster inclusive public art practices, build the capacity of underrepresented artists, and demonstrate how public art can help reimagine equitably designed cities.

CreateSpace Public Art Forum is a digital forum that virtually convenes participants who identify as Black, Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit and Métis), racialized, rural and/or youth with disabilities and between the ages of 18-25. This forum fosters connections, builds understanding across geographies and cultures, as well as provide emerging equity-seeking artists with the skills, relationships and support needed to develop public art practices. Visit the online gallery to view all artistic responses by the 2022 forum participants.

CreateSpace Public Art Forum is supported by Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts and CIBC.

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