Right The Future


In this Public Art Through Construction Hoarding (PATCH) exhibit, York University and STEPS Public Art collaborated to showcase dynamic artwork by eight artists from the university’s community of students, alumni, faculty and staff. The featured artwork creates a dialogue on what it means to “Right The Future” at the new Markham campus.

Project at a Glance

Location: 1 University Blvd., Unionville, Markham, Ontario along Enterprise Blvd

Artists: Jasmine Swimmer, Julija Valdmanis, Katelyn Truong, Lisa Cristinzo, Marissa Magneson, Mark Terry, Sabeel Sadicote and Wendy Lu

Year: 2022

Project Photographer/Videographer: Mila Bright Zlatanovic

Services: PATCH Hoarding Exhibit


Call for Artwork


Artworks submitted by students, alumni and staff


Artists exhibited

About This Project

Through this carefully curated Public Art Through Construction Hoarding (PATCH) exhibit, York University wanted to introduce itself and create connections with the Markham community prior to the construction of a new campus in the South Unionville area. The Markham campus aims to challenge traditions and act as a unique meeting place for their students to interact directly with employers, start-up companies and community partners across the York Region, while also giving space for creative encounters and collective learning experiences.


































In Spring 2022, York University put out a Call for Artwork inviting their community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff to submit original art that pushed creative boundaries and what it meant to “right the future” at the new Markham campus. The artists were asked to consider themes like the dimensions of time (past, present, and future), interdisciplinarity, sustainability, and reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

Over 30 works of art from 18 artists were submitted through this call, out of which eight were finalized by a Selection Committee made up of York University and City of Markham community members. Through a variety of different media from photography to digital art and painting, these artists expressed their view of the theme in unique ways. In Fall 2022, an unveiling event was held showcasing the art created for the construction hoarding exhibition and acknowledging that the campus will be a part of the vibrant Markham area.

In Fall 2022, an unveiling event was held showcasing the art created for the construction hoarding exhibition and to acknowledge that the campus will be a part of the vibrant Markham area.

Visit the intersection at University Blvd and Enterprise Blvd and walk east to check out the wonderful exhibit!

For more PATCH Hoarding Exhibits, follow @thepatchproject and #ThePATCHProject on social media.

I enjoyed collaborating with STEPS through this helpful process.  I would be glad to see my artwork on a large scale.  I hope that people will enjoy viewing my artwork to brighten the atmosphere of York University’s Markham campus.
– Wendy Lu, Selected Artist

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Project Partner

York is a leading international teaching and research university, and a driving force for positive change. Empowered by a welcoming and diverse community with a uniquely global perspective, we are preparing our students for their long-term careers and personal success. Together, we can make things right for our communities, our planet and our future.

PATCH (Public Art Through Construction Hoarding) Exhibits are the industry gold standard for connecting developers, builders and marketing firms with artists to help you meet public art requirements for your construction site. STEPS’ superior project management skills make this turnkey process easy for you by curating a shortlist of artists, facilitating city approval of exhibit plans, producing the exhibit, as well as, amplifying your city-building story through documenting and promoting the exhibit.

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