Call for St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Participation!


Thank you to all those who attended the Virtual Community Presentation on Thursday, March 18, 2021! 

First Gulf is creating community-engaged public artwork for their construction site at 25 Ontario Street. They have commissioned Toronto artist and photographer Esmond Lee 李春錦 to create a hoarding exhibit. Lee is an artist, photographer, and architect who is proud to create socially engaged and hyperlocal work that strengthens community.

The goal of the artwork is to reflect St.Lawrence Neighbourhood’s unique, vibrant community and characteristics. Lee has created three themes for the artwork inspired by the local community and the surrounding neighbourhood.


We would love to hear from YOU how the themes represent your St. Lawrence Community! Your feedback will be considered in the final artwork.


Missed the presentation? No worries! To learn about the project, artist and themes, watch the community presentation below: 


Have questions about the public artwork at 25 Ontario Street? Email for more information. 


Image Credit: Esmond Lee 

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